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About us

         Suddenly  awaken - the future became crystal clear -- during a neon visioned foggy dream that had the letters "Top Physique" glowing brightly against a clear dark starry sky while deeply sound asleep.   Thru a series of chance 'celebrity' meetings and strangers random acts of kindness,  On July 4, 1994 we opened a 100 sq foot sport supplement retail store in Allentown, Pennsylvania USA -- the first store dedicated to sport supplements in our region.  The first store in PA to carry Met-rx.  Over the years, many firsts paved the way for Top Physique to become known world-wide.  Today, we still pride ourselves on creating revilency, industry innovation and reverence in the Worlds Fitness Industry.


                                      … every-body needs ... to be in Top Physique !

Top Physique's simple mission
  people live healthy with affordable, quality  -- vitamins, -- supplements, -- services.

Inspire to --  Do 1 thing everyday  --for mind  --for body  --for spirit's soul.

Encourage -- Every single person –YOU can do it –search for the positive --do it 1 step at a time.
Celebrate -- * Perspective (pivot yours and see new choices)
                          * in-the-moment success (anything positive is progress)
                          * Friends, acquaintances & family’ milestones

Being healthy is an evolution - not a revolution.


                                               ...  Live a free life in a moral society that supports a Naturalist Philosophy.
Wha was that? …  do life by
             * kindness,
             * awareness of environmental impact,
             * harmony with one's self inner magic, immediate surroundings, universal energies,
             * recognizing sacrifices & choices  vs  ‘stuff’ - try minimalistic living.
             * respect our planet – do our part to preserve it.
             * prevent and cure diabetes
             * lose weight – we live happier & longer
             * better food equals better nutrition equals better health
             * do not exploit or abuse animals - nor children.
             * make actions consistent with principles
             * do it –because it is the right thing to do.